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Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing is a marketing methodology where you use the data you generated to constantly attract new customers to your business, generate lasting relationships with them and drive growth through digital marketing strategies, organic Google tools and strategic ad campaigns for your brand.

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Traditional Marketing vs. Growth Marketing

The main difference between the traditional marketing we already know and growth marketing is that the first one focuses mainly on attracting new customers (converting leads to customers quickly), and the second one, in addition to attracting customers, seeks to retain them in the funnel and create more lasting relationships with them, resulting in long-term sustainable growth.

Growth marketing is based on data and uses it to experiment with different channels and marketing strategies frequently, not to get everyone to know your company, but to get the right people to know your company.

With our internet marketing service, we help you implement the main Google tools, establish SEO positioning strategies, Google advertising and relevant content generation.

Experts in digital marketing services for your company

TIS Consulting Group offers the following growth marketing services:
implentation growth marketing

(one-time only)

Initial stage to evaluate the company's digital presence, integrate the main Google tools, analyze keywords, establish strategies for organic positioning, SEO, Ads campaigns and performance monitoring.

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positioning growth marketing

(recurrent plan)

Recurrent plan to provide support in the execution, monitoring and continuous optimization of organic positioning strategies, relevant content generation, competition, Ads performance and to complement the presence with social networks.

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Attract more traffic, resulting into more and better leads, with organic and paid inbound marketing strategies.


What does the Implementation plan includes?

Our one-time implementation service includes the following: 

First Diagnosis

Analysis of digital presence, available traffic data and competition.


Google Ecosystem

Implementation and validation of the ecosystem to execute any organic or paid strategy.


SEO Consulting Services

Organic positioning analysis, competitor benchmark and strategy to attract more web traffic.


Google Ads Strategy

Identification of paid marketing strategies; definition, creation and launching of campaigns.



Configure monitoring tools and provide recommendations to generate conversions.

68% of online experience begins with a search. Only 0.63% of searchers click on the second page.


What does the Positioning plan includes?

Our positioning service is a recurring plan that can be contracted on a monthly basis. This service includes:


Search Engine Positioning

Execution, monitoring, optimization and continuous improvement of the SEO strategy to attract more and better prospects.


Google Ads Management

Execution, monitoring, optimization and improvement of the paid marketing strategy to attract more and better prospects.

Our experts are certified in:


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  • First diagnosis

  • Google Ecosystem

  • SEO Strategy

  • Google Ads Strategy

  • Conversion



  • Execution of SEO plan

  • Results tracking

  • Optimization

  • Continuous improvement

  • Feedback

Google Ads


  • Advertising execution

  • Results tracking

  • Optimization

  • Continuous improvement

  • Feedback