Today, companies need to adopt effective marketing strategies to stand out and stay relevant and innovative.


One of the most powerful tools you can use is marketing automation through CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The combination of these two technologies can drive growth and increase efficiency in handling customer interactions.

Next, from our experience as users and implementers of automated Marketing tools, we present the importance of automation through CRM software and the benefits it can offer.

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Marketing is a complex process that involves various activities such as lead generation, follow-up, campaign management, data analysis, and maintaining customer relationships. Previously, these tasks were done manually, which required a lot of time and effort. However, with marketing automation, marketing teams can simplify and speed up these activities, freeing up resources and allowing marketing staff to focus on higher-value, strategic tasks.

CRM software, like HubSpot's, is a centralized tool that helps businesses manage their customer relationships. It allows you to store and organize information about potential and existing customers, including contact details, purchase history, preferences, and more.


Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Lead generation: One of the main advantages of marketing automation is the ability to generate leads more efficiently. CRM software can collect data from different sources, such as website registration forms, social networks, or events, and store it in a centralized database.

  • Campaign implementation: Using marketing automation, lead generation campaigns can be implemented that send personalized and relevant messages to prospects, based on their behavior and preferences. This allows businesses to more effectively attract and retain potential customers, increasing the chances of conversion and sales.

  • Create stronger relationships: Another important benefit of marketing automation is the ability to nurture and foster strong customer relationships. Through the segmentation and personalization of messages, companies can send relevant and timely content to customers at different stages of the buying cycle. This helps maintain customer engagement and loyalty, increasing retention and reducing the churn rate. 

  • Create email campaigns: In addition, marketing automation enables the implementation of automated email campaigns, such as welcome emails, follow-up emails, and purchase reminders, making it easier to maintain consistent and meaningful communication with customers.

  • Data analysis: Marketing automation also plays an important role in measuring and analyzing campaign results. A CRM software can track and analyze key data such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, providing valuable insight into the performance of marketing strategies. This allows companies to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize their return on investment.

  • Customer tracking: Automation provides the opportunity to establish comprehensive customer lifecycle tracking. From initial acquisition to retention and post-sales support, companies can systematically monitor and manage all customer interactions. This not only makes it easier to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities but also allows you to provide more personalized customer service tailored to individual needs.

  • Save time and resources: Another key aspect of marketing automation is the ability to save time and resources. By eliminating manual and repetitive tasks, companies can optimize their efficiency and productivity. Marketing automation can schedule and run campaigns automatically, reducing the workload on marketing staff and ensuring consistency in message delivery. 

  • Integration with other tools: In addition, automation also allows for integration with other tools and systems, such as social media platforms and sales management systems, making it easy to coordinate and share data between different departments.


HubSpot and automation

HubSpot is an industry-leading marketing automation platform that offers a wide range of tools and functionality to help businesses manage and optimize their marketing strategies. Marketing automation in HubSpot allows businesses to automate and personalize their interactions with customers, saving time and resources, and achieving more effective results.

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One of the main benefits of using HubSpot for marketing automation is the ability to easily and efficiently create and run automated marketing campaigns. The platform provides intuitive tools that allow marketers to create automated workflows based on a variety of criteria and triggers. These workflows can include actions like sending personalized emails, audience segmentation, tracking website visits, and sending internal notifications to the sales team. By automating these tasks, businesses can reach their prospects in a timely and relevant manner, increasing the chances of conversion and sales.

Another key feature of marketing automation in HubSpot is the ability to effectively nurture and qualify leads. The platform allows you to create lead nurturing workflows that send relevant and timely content to prospects to maintain their engagement and interest. These workflows can be based on lead behavior such as pages viewed, forms completed, or past interactions with the business. Additionally, HubSpot provides lead scoring tools that allow businesses to identify which leads are most likely to become customers and prioritize their sales efforts accordingly.

In addition to marketing automation, HubSpot also offers built-in tools for content management, customer relationship management (CRM), social media analytics, and more.

At TIS Consulting Group, we are experts in the use of HubSpot CRM and we are focused on enabling our clients to attract their customers with valuable content through inbound marketing strategies, interact through the correct means, and provide an exceptional experience.


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