Is it through published advertisement, social network advertisement, or which method is having the best performance? How can I understand the way my market perceives my advertisement?




Nowadays, technology has provided new ways to attract customers, but at the same time analyzing the impact of these efforts became more complex. Additionally, a growing concern for companies is the customer’s availability to express their perception of either the company, product or ad campaign. Since this perception could be negative and thus affect the company, they must be prepared to channel it and opportunely generate corrective actions if necessary.

Negative client’s perception does not necessarily affect sales. Companies such as Walmart or AT&T are leading in sales even if they are some of the worst perceived companies in United States. Companies that could be more affected by a negative perception are the ones that provide non-essential products, such as restaurants, or have strong competition. Either way, the collection of customer’s feedback that’s not requested by the company is highly valuable since it is more sincere and could provide a clear view of their faults or aspects to improve. Therefore, methods have been developed to analyze customer perception based on customer messages; such as those in social networks.

Nowadays more systems for the recollection and analysis of customer’s perception are becoming available. Considering that the task of analyzing messages can become time consuming and difficult, the automation of these tasks is been developed as well. Automating the analysis of the perception and channeling negative messages speeds up opportune corrective actions. Analytical programs are highly specialized and require continuous learning of the company and intentions of their clients. These intentions represent the biggest difficulty since they can vary from the context. Other related difficulties are that messages are not always written with impeccable spelling and grammar and the addition of emoticons to messages.

Commercialized systems are relatively new and for that reason inaccessible for most companies. Using free alternatives facilitates the analysis and could reinforce the decision of acquiring an advanced system. For instance, simple processes can assist in collecting valuable information; for example, searching messages related to the company in social networks using systems such as “hashtags” and collecting indicators to approximate customer perception such as number of comments on social networks, visits to published content, and in case of Facebook, the number of “likes” in published messages.


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