A person on the internet has an attention span of only 8 seconds, according to Microsoft studies. That's why social networks have changed so much and why apps like Tik Tok and Reels are now so popular, plus they adapt 100% of their feed to videos that may seem relevant to each user.



People on the internet have become increasingly impatient and want all the information in a matter of seconds. If they don't find your content interesting enough at that time, they leave.

Because of this, marketers have less and less time to attract good prospects and qualify them as leads. It's no longer just about finding ways to capture their attention, but to hold their attention for more than 8 seconds.

Here's how companies can not only attract more leads, but attract better leads.


Attract better prospects, not just more prospects

The goal of prospecting is to identify people who are more likely to buy your product or service. To attract this type of people, it is important to generate valuable and personalized content that can hold people's attention for more than 8 seconds, something that you can do with HubSpot inbound marketing strategy. But here are some other tips that can help you achieve this:


1. Identify your “Buyer persona”

To know what content is relevant to your potential customers, it is important to identify who your ideal customer is - also known as a "buyer persona". A buyer persona is a semi-fictitious representation of your ideal customer, made from market research and real data about your existing customers (HubSpot, n.d.).

Identifying who your buyer persona is, helps your marketing team to design content focused on the needs of that profile, which increases the likelihood that a person with those needs will enter your page to see your content.

You may have more than one buyer persona, so you can create personalized content for each of them.


2. Create content your prospects won't want to miss out on

Establish more human relationships with your prospects through relevant and valuable content in social networks, ads and marketing emails. The more quality content you generate, the more and better prospects you attract, so there is a greater chance that they will convert into leads and you can close more sales.

Some ways to create valuable content is through case studies, blog articles, webinars, whitepapers, among others.

At TIS Consulting Group, we use something called Inbound Marketing, where we seek that through our content, customers look for us and not us for them, this way the sale is made in a less intrusive way, since they are the ones who make the initial contact.


3. Interact through the right means

There are different means by which you can interact with prospects, some of them are:

  • Blog: Write articles on topics that may be of interest to your buyer personas, they can find your blog when they search for that topic on the internet, if someone shares it on social networks, etc.
  • SEO: When you do a search on Google, do you ever go beyond the first page of results? Staying only on the first page is a very common practice, that is why companies use tools such as SEO, to position their website above that of their competitors so they can appear on that first page and capture more prospects.
  • Ads: Verify that the ads you are investing in are generating the results you expect.
  • Social networks: Publish valuable content on your social networks. Try not to publish the same content in all social networks, since each one serves different purposes and people use them for a different purpose.
  • Videos: You are more likely to capture the attention of your prospects in a video than through text.
  • Live chat: Interact with your prospects in real time via live chat.
  • Email: Before sending marketing emails to your contacts list, make sure it is relevant content for them.


4. Qualify your leads

Not all prospects that you attract are ready to make a purchase of your product or service, so you must give yourself the task of qualifying your prospects based on the interaction they have had with your company and prioritize those who have a greater interest in making a purchase. These are the ones you will determine how to follow up with and define how you will do it efficiently. You may find a CRM very helpful if you want to track sales leads better and easier.


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References: Photo by Mohamed Hassan on Pixabay