Wholesale market feasibility assessment

Project Overview


In this project, TIS Consulting Group evaluated the feasibility of an agricultural products market, analyzing the conceptual design of logistics, as well as the space and capacity requirements derived from the estimated demands.

Executive Summary



The main objective of this project was to provide the necessary information for the client to carry out a preconceptual design of a National Wholesale and Central Market. TIS Consulting Group developed the following activities during the project:
  1. Data on food disappearance in the target country were investigated, specifically on meat, fish and fresh produce.
  2. Data were researched on the livestock trade in the target country, specifically cattle, sheep, goats, camels, poultry and horses.
  3. Data on the characteristics of current businesses and premises marketing the products of interest in this study were investigated.
  4. Research was conducted on the handling and marketing of livestock, including procedures, sanitary regulations, standards, among others.
  5. Different scenarios were defined to analyze the expected trade volume and perform a sensitivity analysis.
  6. The following information was defined for the National Wholesale and Central Food Market: total space needed, total building space, building space layout, space allocation by activity/service.
  7. A diagram of the analysis of the flow of activities and interactions was made.
  8. General recommendations to be considered in terms of market and logistics were provided.

Project Results



The project provided the following results:

  1. A spaces program, which provided a detailed breakdown of floor space for each building type and parking requirements (pick-up, drop-off, staffing, etc.).
  2. An analysis of the flow of activities and interactions. The National Wholesale and Central Food Market will centralize the reception, auction, sale and distribution of agricultural products, and will work in synergy with other submarkets.

The deliverable for the client focused on the space program and activity flow of the Wholesale Food Market, and the space program for a Livestock Market. This project is a key element of the National Wholesale and Central Food Market project, which aims to integrate the structure of the national food supply chain.